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Strongest, lightest, most energy-efficient bun and roll pans available in the world!

From the original ePAN®, constructed from high-tensile strength aluminized steel, to the e²PAN® with a proprietary band design, your bakery will not find a more durable, value-added pan.

Energy Efficient

ePANs heat and cool faster, reducing oven energy costs while improving proofer temperature control and decreasing the amount of space needed for pan cooling. In fact, the ePAN bottom cools 17% faster and the e²PAN perimeter band cools 25% faster.

Easier on Your Bakery

ePANs remove thousands of pounds from an average bakery cycle and reduce wear on conveyors, stackers, and other pan handling equipment. Pans can also be stacked higher, requiring less storage space.

Ergonomically Sound

The lighter weight ePAN - weighing up to 50% less than a traditional pan - makes pan handling more manageable for employees.

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